Client Outcomes and Relationship Engagement (CORE) System

Timelines* (updated 05/08/2014)

The launch of the CORE system started with the Cape Cod chapter on August 27th with training at their chapter.  The national office then continued training with the Peoria and Tampa chapters in September 2013.  The 3 chapters went live in the month of September 2013.  During the month of October we spent time with those 3 chapters to identify bugs and enhancements to the CORE system and addressed issues for those chapters. The next group of chapters included 14 more chapters and those chapters went live on November 18th 2013. Starting in the month of December we have reviewed the 14 chapters who launched about 2 weeks ago, no major issues, minor data quality issues that were expected coming from our legacy WebIT system.  Preparation work for the next 5 chapters started for their launch occurring on 12/9 and 12/10.  We will have two very large chapters scheduled for December 9 and 10 that include Boston and Chicago.

Roll out will continue from October 2013 a few chapters at a time thru to March 2015. The goal is to have all chapters using the new CORE system by March  2015. The WebIT system will be removed for each chapter that migrates to the new CORE system, and eventually the WebIT system will no longer be in use after March 2015.

General Rollout to Districts – We are preparing a draft for the next 18 months of training and roll-out to all the districts and chapters of SCORE.  The month of October and November will consist of a roll-out to those chapters and districts involved with our testing.  The districts to start using CORE in November 2013 would be numbers 101, 480, and 507.  We will be following a process for the roll outs, and in general chapters and districts will be notified 120 days prior to a launch date.  Click here to see the timeline.  We will be flexible on schedules as launch dates for individual chapters are not mandatory if a chapter feels it is not ready or needs additional time and training.

CORE System Update Notice:  Current Bug List and Enhancement List   *updated 11/10/2014

Chapters List who are on the CORE systemclick here

CORE Reports currently under developmentclick here

Visit the CORE Training Resources page for webinar recordings as well as training materials for volunteers, chapter admins and CORE training coordinators.

NOTE: We suggest mentors use the Firefox or Chrome browsers over using Internet Explorer 10 or 11.  We continue to have problems with compatibility issues with Internet Explorer (we are not alone with our struggles as many companies are having issues with Internet Explorer).

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