CORE Training Resources

CORE Webinar Recordings For Volunteers | For Chapter Admins | For CORE Training Coordinators

CORE Webinar Recordings & Helpful Guides

  • Click here to download training slides for the new Calendar 2.0 release. Updated 11/25/2014
  • CORE System vs. WebIT screens: A Powerpoint presentation that shows the similarities between the screen layouts in WebIT and in the CORE systems

CORE Training Resources for Volunteers

  • Volunteer Training Guide: Includes instructions to create a client, add a session, create an appointment and edit your volunteer profile in the new CORE system. Updated 5/1/2014
  • How to Email Face-to-Face Clients using CORE: Volunteers are able to email their clients and save their responses as a session (Part 3 of the Form 641). This function is available only for mentors with a email address. Contact if you need a email address. Added 7/28/2014
  • CORE Learning Center: View videos of common functions performed in CORE, such as adding a session and updating your profile. You will also learn about the CORE “sandbox” – a site where you can practice using CORE without worrying about affecting the live site. Added 3/10/2014

CORE Training Resources for Chapter Admins

  • Chapter Admin Training Guide: Includes instructions to assign a new mentoring request, create a Form 888, add a new volunteer, opt-in to scheduling and create an appointment in the new CORE system. Updated 4/21/2014
  • CORE Reporting Guide: This guide outlines the reports available in the Volunteer Center and CORE and explains how to access each.  Added 2/20/2014

Resources for CORE Training Coordinators

  • CORE Training Coordinator Handbook: This handbook will provide basic information needed to help with your CORE Training Coordinator role and with transitioning your chapter to the CORE System. It includes an initial FAQ, suggested timeline for training, a training checklist, training exercises and agenda. Updated 7/17/2014
  • CORE Workflow Process:  This is a two page workflow process that shows how a client enters the CORE system.  This is based on chapters who are NOT using the scheduling system.  If a chapter is using scheduling this process is slightly different.

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